Helping People

Helping through Hypnosis
    1. What medical conditions can hypnosis help heal?
    2. What psychological conditions can hypnosis help treat?
    3. What common clinical concerns can hypnosis help resolve?
Helping through NLP
    1. What can I use NLP to enhance?
    2. What can I use NLP to heal?

Helping through


Hypnosis can help to heal the following medical conditions:

Hypnosis can help to treat the following psychological conditions:

Hypnosis can help to resolve the following common clinical concerns:

This is not exhaustive – so please contact Mesmer Hypnotherapy to see if I can help you.

Helping through


The NLP is used in different life areas:

    • Management

NLP provides tools for adapting to and utilising the changes in the role of the manager or team leader.

    • Life Coaching

NLP is the ideal add-on for just about any coaching approach.

    • Relating with others

NLP enables us to better understand what it’s like to be the other person and how best to communicate with them. Through NLP you canĀ improve and deepen relationships at home, socially and at work.

    • Your inner life

We learn some great insights and skills at school and college such as mathematics, history, science, art, etc. But the missing bit is quite important, too i.e. how to manage one’s thoughts and moods. Applying NLP in your personal life and your personal development is one of its most valuable applications.

    • Selling

NLP skills enable you to improve how you (1) develop mutually-beneficial relationships with customers, (2) identify their needs and motivation and (3) match products with motivation.

    • Career

To advance your career, you can use NLP skills to (1) be a skilled communicator, (2) be able to network with and motivate colleagues and (3) be able to market and sell yourself.

    • Sport

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a professional sports person, NLP has tools which can be applied to your mental attitude in sport to give yourself the edge.

The NLP is used in healing different conditions

This is not exhaustive – so please contact Mesmer Hypnotherapy to see if I can help you.